Sunday, May 22, 2011

The books are almost finished!

The original binding has been recovered using archival-quality book cloth which has been embroidered with veins and screen printed with the volume's number and title for easy reference.

Volume 1 is titled Origins and addresses cellular processes of multiplication such as mitosis and the beginnings of evolutionary mutation.

Volume 2, Patterns, gives visual examples of how duplication and multiplication at a cellular level can create patterns in veins, the human circulatory system and tree branches. Self-similarity leads to these common patterns that repeat all throughout nature.

 Volume 3, Systems, takes this process a step further and shows how natural structuring in nature (such as river routes) produces man-made ordering (such as roads and city blocks). I am greatly inspired by the video "Powers of Ten", which shows how different scales of nature display similar patterns.

Another page of this volume blurs the distinction between the growth of tree branches and that of human lungs.

The fourth volume, Ideology, references the ancient Greek custom of creating recognizable shapes in the night sky (constellations) to make the vast space seem less overwhelming.

In volume 5, Significance, I explore the phenomena that every human has experienced: that of feeling insignificant in an incomprehensibly large universe. I give visual examples of how humanity has dealt with this, including giant monuments and architectural wonders. I include a poem by Percy Shelley (one of my absolute favorites), "Ozymandias."

This acetate overlay in the same volume depicts 4 separate ruins of once-powerful civilizations, scanned and printed from pages in the original books.

The sixth and final volume, Satori, is named after a Buddhist term meaning a "flash of realization." I interpret this as the feeling that once you've met someone or become aware of an object or idea, you realize that it's been around you the whole time, and you simply have not had the right connections to recognize it. I combine several pages of collages, each based on a specific theme addressed in the other volumes, and how it applies to humanity, such as significance, war, poverty, injustice, royalty, etc... The first page opens to a layout of a human head with a galaxy where the brain would be, and surrounded by neuron imagery. While searching for an image of brain neurons, I discovered this fascinating gem comparing neurons to the structure of dark matter in the universe.

My thesis show is opening on June 7th (which is a Tuesday) from 5-9 in UC's Meyers Gallery. I would love for you to explore my books and discover the content for yourself. (This entry only shows a portion of it!) The show will be up until 

Here is a map of the campus, with the Meyers gallery location in red.

I hope to see you there!

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